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Currently we are using the Autotools - only Cutecash uses CMake.

Usually Linux distributions offer a meta package C/C++ Development or similar, which will install the required packages.


On a first glimpse this might look like confusing magics, but you can find an introduction in GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool aka The Goat Book. Appendix C will show you the Generated File Dependencies.

Another Intro is the Autotools Mythbuster.

For further reading see the respective manuals:

if they are not already installed on your machine.

Our flavour is with bootstrapping.

Changes on the Build System

If you change e.g. you should also check, if e.g (FIXME: please complete this list!)

  • CMakeLists.txt,
  • README.* and Dependencies,
  • packaging/ (used to build RPM Packages) or
  • packaging/win32/*

need some adjustments.