Enhancement requests

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Enhancement requests

As you use GnuCash, you may find that its functions don't fully meet your requirements. In this case, you may wish to request an enhancement request. The community welcomes such input; this is how applications grow.

Before you proceed, you should try to verify that it has not been reported before. Search the mailing list archives and then the Bugzilla database. Next, share your request with the community by describing it on the mailing lists to see whether others have had this idea before. It may be that someone in the community has found a way to solve your problem using the current functionality of GnuCash, or that the issue has been reported already.

Once you've confirmed that you need a change, and that it has not already been requested, you can make enhancement requests in two ways:

  1. Submit an enhancement request bug on Bugzilla, or
  2. Create an entry (or add your vote to an existing entry) at Uservoice, which is a web forum to discuss new feature requests.

Either of these approaches is fine.

In your enhancement request, describe as clearly and completely as possible why the enhancement will be useful to a broad range of users and provide as much detail as possible about how you think it should work. You have two objectives: To sell the developers on spending their very limited time on implementing your idea and explaining to them as completely as possible what it is that you want.

Note that bit about developer's very limited time. There aren't very many developers, and there's a lot of work to do. GnuCash is maintained by volunteers working in their spare time. That means that the fastest way to get a feature added is to implement it yourself. A bug report with an attached well-written patch is more likely to get applied quickly. Please review the patch instructions for details on preparing a patch.