Upgrade from 1.8.9 to 1.8.10 and HBCI online banking support

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With the version change from 1.8.9 to 1.8.10, GnuCash also changed the underlying library for HBCI online banking support. Instead of the OpenHBCI library previously used, GnuCash now uses the AqBanking library. Therefore you need to change several things when upgrading your GnuCash version and using HBCI. You need to install the following libraries, in this order:

  1. gwenhywfar at least version 1.16.0
  2. optional for chip cards: libchipcard at least version 1.9.13
  3. aqbanking at least version 1.3.0

(This description is valid for aqbanking-1.3.0 and later. aqbanking-1.3.0 is a large package which replaces the previously separate packages aqhbci, aqhbci-qt-tools, and aqhbci-plugin-ddvcard. These are all now in aqbanking.)

Then you need to start the HBCI setup. The new library AqBanking will be able to import all your existing security media (chip cards, key files) and also import your settings from these media. Therefore you need to start the HBCI setup druid, click "start HBCI setup" (which will launch an external setup program), select "Import existing medium", select the appropriate medium (chip card or key file of type OpenHBCI), click "Import data from medium" and enter the last missing data entries (probably the bank server address), and then finish the HBCI setup. From this point onwards GnuCash should already know your HBCI accounts and the respective GnuCash accounts, so that you can continue to use your online banking features.