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This page collects ideas for a potential bounty program within GnuCash.

The idea is to announce bounties on specific commonly requested features. The bounties will be on the order of $100 or $200.

Features to be eligible for bounties

The requested features or annoying bugs can be selected from those feedback sites:

    • Contains currently 90 ideas;
    • The votes from the user give a clear ranking (similar to a scrum back-log), but the specifications are mostly rather vague and unclear.
    • Contains currently approx. 600 bugs + 350 enhancement requests. Specifications for bugs are normally rather clear. Specs for enhancement requests vary; some are clear, some are not.

General set-up of a bounty program

Other people have thought about running a bounty program in their software project as well:

External bounty web sites

The following websites offer some sort of bounty management for specific feature requests.

  • The user interface is rather easy and straightforward. Multiple users can join their donation to increase the bounty on specific tasks.
  • However, there doesn't seem support for management of multiple potentially competing offers.
  • Also, there doesn't seem to be a status management such as "Is this bounty being worked on by any developer?" and so on.
  • Payment seems to happen directly "from the task rewarder to the solution provider". 3% commission is charged.
  • The site seems somewhat active. The site seems to be located in the U.S. (Irvine, CA).
  • Unfortunately, the web forms seem rather buggy: When entering a new task in a Firefox 3.6, the entered details keep disappearing. Such as, the selected license keeps jumping back to "MIT" when I chose "GPL v2".

  • The site seems rather old and not very active (but there seems to be one recent task). It seems to have a rather sophisticated process for the management of task assignments: There is a structured requirement list; they can be commented on one by one. Multiple users can join their donation for specific tasks. A solution provider can tell his offer how much money he expects to implement the solution. The users can vote which offer to accept. Before a specific solution provider is chosen, there is a period of a "call for competitive offers" of three weeks (huh?). After that, a specific solution provider works on the implementation. All users will then vote whether the requirements are fulfilled. Votes are weighted by the donated money. The site is located in Germany.

  • The site seems rather recent, but still only with little activity. There is a structured requirement list. There does not seem to be support for voting which solution provider to choose. There does not seem to be a voting process to determine whether the task has been completed.