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Custom Reports in GnuCash

Unfortunately, at the present time writing a custom report for GnuCash requires a little bit of hacking. This wiki page should contain some information to help you get started, since there is no official documentation.

Note: I am using GnuCash 2.0.1 as I write this.

Example Reports

A good place to start is to examine the source code of the reports included with GnuCash. On my Gentoo system, they are located in


hello-world.scm is specially written to demonstrate the basic structure of a report.

Testing a Report

Copy the report to the report directory. Then edit the appropriate Scheme file to register your report with the reporting system. You will have to register the report in one of the following places, depending on which submenu you want it to appear.

  • Standard Reports: standard-reports.scm
  • Business Reports: business-reports.scm
  • Utility Reports: utility-reports.scm

Then, restart GnuCash. You need to restart GnuCash every time you change a report.

Other Resources

Old GnuCash Report Information

(may be very out of date)

Learning Scheme