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GnuCash is the leading GPL'ed Desktop Financial Manager Application. Appropriate for personal and small business use, it is meant to be easy to use and full of features.


(Parts of) this wiki have been translated into other languages or contain information for one specific language only. These are the index pages for these language dependent sections:

  • de/GnuCash Deutsche Wiki-Seiten, im Entstehen (German pages, work in progress)
  • es/GnuCash (Spanish pages, work in progress)
  • pt/GnuCash Sítio Wiki em Português, em andamento. (Portuguese Wiki site, work in progress)



OS/Distro specific annotations:


If you read the relevant parts of the pages above and still stuck with a problem or only wish to give some feedback, you can contact us in several ways:

Current discussion

  1. IRC chat, usually in english, is the quickest way;
  2. a bunch of Mailing Lists for discussions in different languages;

3. party tools

Several users published tools to work with Gnucash.

Feature request and bug tracking

  1. Bugzilla bug database for error reports and enhancement requests;
  2. "Uservoice" Feature Request Forum.

This will also influence the

Further Development

You may also want to check out for the latest news.

This part of the wiki is intended to become the main repository of GnuCash developer documentation. Some formerly static pages have been moved here from the Website, but the move is not yet complete. Some remaining static pages may be out of date. Wherever a wiki article disagrees with a static web page on the Website, the wiki article here is more likely to be correct.

Getting involved in the project

Permanent valid

Special events

Current Source Code

Future developments

The GnuCash Project is a volunteer-driven organization. We need your help to survive and grow, to help others and to help the Project.