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GnuCash can update your price database by fetching quotes online via the Perl module Finance::Quote.

Note: Both the Microsoft Windows and MacOS X GnuCash packages include update tools for Finance::Quote. In Windows it's called "Install Online Banking" and it's located in the GnuCash group in the Start Menu. In OS X it's "Update Finance::Quote" and it's in the dmg along with GnuCash.

Note: Because websites change frequently we advise you to keep Finance::Quote up-to-date. You can re-run the Windows or OS X installation tools as often as you like or you can use CPAN as explained below.



  • Unix (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX,...): You probably already have perl installed. Type perl -v on a command line to get the version number. If not, use your package manager to install it.
  • Mac OS X already has Perl installed. Open a Terminal application (in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder) and run perl -v to the version number.
  • Windows: <to be moved from Windows#Finance::Quote etc.>

Source: [1]


You need to install several Perl modules to get online quotes. While the error message may be about Finance::Quote not being installed properly, that module alone is not sufficient.

  • You can check the version and the list of available modules by running

from the command line.

  • If F::Q is missing or outdated, you need to install or update it. It can be done with
perl -MCPAN -e shell
 install Finance::Quote 
 upgrade Finance::Quote

You also need

  install Date::Manip

But there are easier ways depending on your operating system:

FAQ#Q: How do I install Finance::Quote on a Mac?
FAQ#Q: How do I fix a system error when getting stock quotes?
If there is no recent perl-finance-quote offered by your package manager do the following:
As root (su / sudo) run the GnuCash Finance Quote update script
It will install Finance::Quote and its dependencies.
  • Some (Ubuntu based) distributions removed it from the package. In this case you can download it from github.
  • In the first line replace @-PERL-@ with the path to your perl executable, e.g., /usr/bin/perl and mark the file as executable.
A discussion of how to set it up (in Ubuntu) can be found at [2].

That script, as of 2.6.12, uses CPAN to install:

  • Date::Manip
  • Finance::Quote

Then read the instructions.

Warning About Open Files

Updating quotes will modify the GNUCash file/database. As multi-user access is not supported, the file/database should be closed prior to updating quotes.

cron and Non-X Usage

If you attempt to run

gnucash --add-price-quotes /path/to/file.gnucash

or on MacOSX:

/Applications/ --add-price-quotes /Users/<username>/Documents/test.gnucash

without dbus running (for example, from a cron job or ssh without X forwarding), you may get errors such as

GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; the most common cause is a missing or misconfigured D-Bus session bus daemon. 
See for information. 
(Details -  1: Not running within active session)

One resolution for this, courtesy of SyncEvolution - The Missing Link, is to launch dbus for the duration of the quote retrieval with a cron command similar to

env `dbus-launch` sh -c 'trap "kill $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID" EXIT; gnucash --add-price-quotes /path/to/file.gnucash'

Note: This has been documented in Bug #639776

Technical Details

Where the files are stored depends on your OS/Distro:

  • Linux depends on the way it was installed:
    • by package manager: /usr/share/perl5/[vendor/]Finance/Quote
    • by CPAN or gnc-fq-update: /usr/share/perl5/site/Finance/Quote
    • self compiled: /usr/local/share/perl/5.xx.x/Finance/Quote
  • Windows: C:\Perl\site\lib\Finance\Quote

You can get the path by running:

perldoc -lm Finance::Quote

(Tested on Linux. Please update for: MacOS, Windows)