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After some changes of messages we patch the po files to take some burden from the translatos.


Apply patches before msgmerge. Else you will not know, if the message was already fuzzy before. This is an issue of

Use Cases

  1. We dropped the colon : from the GUI labels;
  2. Format parameters change from c-format (%s…) to scheme-format (~a) or
  3. Replace a hardcoded URL by a format parameter.
  4. We permanently
    1. remove duplicate or trailing spaces;
    2. fix typos;
  5. Fix the end of
    a sentence: . plus exactly one space, if not end of message is reached or "\n" follows;
    a list element
    simple term ,
    complex term ;
    In the future
  6. Use Hellipsis instead of 3 —or rarely 2— dots (...)


Some symbols depend on the used alphabet

Full stop
is in CJK often ,
some Devanagari related scripts use or