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It is possible to create simple pull requests (PR) using GitHubs web interface without setting up a local Git repository.

Only a web browser.
Use Cases
You want to fix a typo, upload a new translation[1], ...
To update your fork, you have to delete it (if there are no open PRs) and fork it again.

For more complex cases see Setup for Pull Requests.


  1. Create a Github account or log in and use the excellent GitHub Help in the following steps.
  2. Open the desired Gnucash or finance-quote repository file you want to change.
  3. Click the pencil icon on the top right hand side to Edit the file in your fork of this project, search for text near the location, make any edits you want then preview them to confirm. Give the proposed change a description up to 50 characters and optionally an extended description then click the Propose file Change button.
  4. GitHub will create a copy of the repository (actually a branch) in your account. Click the Create pull request button.
  5. Give the Pull Request a description and add any comments then click Create pull request button.
  6. Wait for comments and apply potential change requests by the core developers.
    Don't use GitHub's Sync option. It would merge maint into your PR. That would insert much noise and make it harder to read your PR by the reviewers. When they accept your PR, they can rebase it on the recent maint branch.
  7. After the PR is merged (or closed for other reasons) you can remove your fork or branch.

Notes, References

  1. For updates of existing translations please use Weblate to avoid conflicts.