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A couple of things:

1.- On the "Build instructions" section, it is mentioned that the --enable-hbci and --enable-mt940 options must be added to the configure script. The --enable-hbci option is self explanatory, but why is the --enable-mt940 necessary? Could someone add a short note explaining what this option does?

2.- Under the same section it is advised to edit the Debian changelog as follows:

$ debchange --nmu 'Enable HBCI support'

with the following note:

<quote>The version of your packages will be higher than the version of the packages in the Debian archive. This will prevent apt from installing Debian's own packages when you next upgrade. </quote>

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong (my knowledge of Debian packages is still not as good as I'd wish), but will this not prevent the package from being marked as upgradeable? Under some circumstances, someone might want to upgrade the package or to notice that there is a possibility to upgrade it. I found the following link discussing how to version non-maintainer packages very informative and I think it might be useful to mention an alternate way of doing this: