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This page explains the current status of the translations in GnuCash. There is a separate introduction into Translation in general, but this page explains where you are invited to work on and where not.

No more gnucash-1.8.x!

The development of the 1.8.x branch has ended in fall 2005! gnucash-1.8.12 was the last release of that branch. Please do not continue any translation work on the 1.8.x branch of GnuCash!

Current development

The current development branch will be release as unstable gnucash-1.9.x releases (see Release Schedule) which will finally result in a stable gnucash-2.0.0 release. The code of this branch is the HEAD in the SVN repository, see Subversion, Any translation work should use the SVN-HEAD branch.

But please note that a separate String freeze period is planned between some 1.9.x releases and the final 2.0.0 release. For that period the developers will guarantee that (almost) no string changes will occur, so that you can translate these without any lost work.

No String Freeze yet!

However right now GnuCash is not yet in string freeze! This means that you are nevertheless invited to work on translations, but you must be prepared for still large string changes (e.g. many menu items without accelarator key will still get one). You have to decide for yourself whether you accept working on such a moving target, or whether you would rather like to wait for the string freeze. Please be assured that we will announce the string freeze period loudly and clearly, so you won't miss it once we're in. Also, this will be noted here very clearly.

Until then, please be prepared for yet many string changes. Thank you for all of your contributions. --Cstim 14:04, 16 January 2006 (EST)