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This page explains the current status of the translations in GnuCash. There is a separate introduction into Translation in general, but this page explains where you are invited to work on and where not.

See also but the branch names there are not any longer up to date.

Regular Releases

We release a new version of GnuCash 4.x every 3 months, see the Release Schedule for specifics. Releases are made from the maint branch of the Git repository, so if you're working from a git clone that's what you want to use for translations. The master branch isn't stable enough yet for translations to be worth the effort.

Please work on the maint branch of Git for your translation work, if you retrieve the code from the repository (which is highly recommended).

Stable Gnucash Documentation Series

There is a separate maint branch for documentation of GnuCash 4.x.

Finished Branches

The development of this branches has ended. Please do not continue any translation work on this branches of GnuCash!

Branch Date Last Version
3.x end of June 2020 Gnucash-3.11
2.6.x spring 2018 Gnucash-2.6.21
2.4.x winter 2013 Gnucash-2.4.15
2.2.x spring 2009 Gnucash-2.2.9
2.0.x spring 2007 Gnucash-2.0.5
1.8.x fall 2005 Gnucash-1.8.12