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Troubleshooting under Windows is slightly different from POSIX conform operating systems. The differences are handled here.

Error messages, Trace file

When running into problems when running GnuCash, the trace file is usually your first stop to look for errors. You will find more details on this file here (Windows specific) and here (More generic).

Changing the Exetype to See Console Output

All executables and DLLs on Windows operate in one of a few different subsystems, most of them either in Console or GUI (also called Windows). Basically, executables in Console always start up in a new console window and print output for stdout und stderr to it, whereas ones in GUI do not open windows and are pretty quiet, even in console windows. If you want to change that subsystem type, because you want to see debugging output or hide unnecessary console windows, [1] lists a few possible ways.

The easiest option if you don't have any further build tools available is probably the third one from that mail:

  1. Fetch
  2. Install Perl, if not already done for Online Quotes and
  3. start cmd.exe type gnucash-bin.exe console