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The purpose of this page is to provide definition and basic guidelines for essays within the GnuCash community, starting with guidelines that seem like common sense, and/or seem to have worked in other communities. No official consensus for guidelines has yet been established, so this is currently a draft at best. Discussion about essays, which might yield or contribute to a consensus, may happen elsewhere, perhaps in one of GnuCash's email lists. If/when consensus emerges, this will be edited accordingly.


  • an essay expresses the opinion of one or more members of the GnuCash community
  • it must be arguably constructive for an essay to exist, for it to be kept in GnuCash wiki's main space.
  • an essay is not "owned" by one or just a few editors
  • even if an editor disagrees with the thrust of an essay, they may contribute to an essay towards having it express the opinion clearly and fully
  • An essay within GnuCash, like any other page in GnuCash, may not be very obviously visible, especially if it is not linked from elsewhere in the wiki, but it is likely that it may become findable by the public in their general internet searching.
    • It may be appropriate to designate, by some effective technical means (perhaps in a template akin to Wikipedia's "noindex" template), that an essay should be excluded from internet searches.

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