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Docbook offers several forms of links: link, olink, ulink, xref Examples. This page will one day explain, which form to use in which case.


While document internal links are easy, cross references between different documents, here Guide and Manual, are difficult.

  • When we supported only xml for yelp, we used URLs with the protocols
    It searched for
    In 2022 Yelp dropped this extension!
    With the XDG help-spec this was introduced, which searches
    • You can still use that as shorthand under Linux like to test the german manual
      LANG=de_DE-utf8 yelp help:gnucash-manual
    But they do not work under other OSes or other file formats like html, chm, pdf, mobi or epub.
  • One approach to circumvent this issue is the use of https: in a published resource at The downside: you can not read it offline.

So we will have to use olinks. Because olinks are very powerful, they a complicated, not well documented and their elements changed over the time.

One easy to understand source is Chapter 24. Olinking between documents in DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide