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Here we list possible scenarios and tools for interacting with GnuCash book using mobile devices.

Editing GnuCash books directly is currently not supported on mobile devices. The new development, allowing the GC book to be stored in SQLite format, provides a way for easier integration with mobile apps.

The option available to users at the moment is to use a mobile app they are comfortable with, and export their transactions into one of the formats GnuCash supports (like .qif). This file is then imported into GnuCash. A benefit of this approach is that you get two sets of data and can reconcile them on import. The drawback is the same thing. Some users would prefer direct integration without the export/import process.

Android Apps

  • Gnucash Mobile for Android is companion application for desktop Gnucash designed for the Android operating system. It allows you to record transactions on-the-go and export them in the OFX format and later import the data into Gnucash for the desktop.
  • MoneyManagerEx for Android is a personal finance app that allows exporting transactions in .qif format. It also includes an Asset Allocation model for investments.

IOS Apps