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Linux Package Managers

Package managers are generally based either on Debian's dpkg or Red Hat's rpm package managers. Most distributions provide CLI front ends to these basic package managers or GUI based front ends which handle aspects such as dependency management, repository access, software updating and upgrading etc. We will be referring to these front end applications as package managers rather than the base applications. This information is provided here primarily to help you locate software installation tools and not as a reference. You should always check information here against the distribution's own documentation and not rely on the information given here.

If you use a different distribution and can provide the relevant information please update this list or request addition of your distribution on the GnuCash User forum/mailing list.

<package-name> can be a single package name or a space separated list of <package-name> unless noted other wise.

<pattern> is a substring to search for in package names - all matches are normally returned. <regexp> is a Regex expression - all matches to the expression are normally returned

Most search commands will match <pattern> to substrings of package names.

Distribution Package Tool Install Command Remove Command Search Command Base tool GUI Interface
Debian aptitude aptitude install <package-name> aptitude remove <package-name> aptitude search <pattern> dpkg Synaptic
Ubuntu >=16.04, Linux Mint >=18 apt apt install <package-name> apt remove <package-name> apt search <pattern> dpkg Software Centre or Manager
Ubuntu < 16.04, Linux Mint < 17.3 apt-get apt-get install <package-name> apt-get remove <package-name> apt-cache search <pattern> dpkg Software Centre or Manager
Fedora >= Release 22 dnf dnf install <package-name> dnf remove <package-name> dnf search <pattern> rpm yumex
Fedora < Release 22 yum yum install <package-name> yum remove <package-name> yum search <pattern> rpm yumex
Arch Linux pacman pacman --sync <package-name> pacman --remove <package-name> pacman --search <regexp> libalpm tkPacman
openSUSE zypper zypper install <package-name> zypper remove <package-name> zypper search -s <query-string or regex> rpm YaST
Gentoo emerge emerge --ask <package-name> emerge --depclean <package-name> emerge --search <string> Portage Porthole
OpenBSD pkg_* pkg_add <package_name> pkg_delete <package-name> ?? rpm ??
FreeBSD pkg pkg install <package-name> pkg delete <package-name> pkg search <string> (glob, regex etc) rpm ??
Solaris pkgadd <package-name> pkgrm <package-name> pkginfo, pkgchk rpm ??