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Under new database backend, I don't understand: "The current PostGres database backend doesn't have feature parity with GnuCash, and is relatively inflexible to extend. Most of GnuCash is based in the Query Object Framework, and should be integrated closer to there to implement a database backend."

Does this mean that something like XML::QOFQSF - convert personal data to and from QSF XML files will be used to bridge the gap between QOF and SQL? Because that site says "Support for the QOF SQLite backend will be added in a separate module in due course." I would like to see the SQL data model, and it would be great to use with other database servers, like Postgres or MySQL.

In that context, "current" is the PG backend from 1.8 .. 2.0, and probably to 2.2. None of the active developers are supporting "QSF"; I (User:Jsled) think that QSF is a boondoggle. There is (Winter/Spring 2007) a development branch for using GDA as part of a QOF backend for gnucash. – Jsled 01:50, 26 May 2007 (EDT)

Old roadmap

This roadmap still talks about the 2.5 series while now is worked in 2.7. This roadmap needs a rewrite about the current activities.Otto (talk) 11:06, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

There is no 2.7 yet. We use the terms development or master branch until we're ready to start the beta release cycle, planned for 2 years from now.

Your deletion of the statement about the register rewrite was incorrect; it needed editing rather than deleting and the easiest way to get the text back so that I could edit it was to revert your change.