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I know it sounds ambitious, but I think there needs to be some sort of documentation covering every report that ships with GnuCash, and some sort of "greatest hits" list that indicates the ones that are most used and/or most flexible. There are some that (IMHO) are only useful in extremely limited circumstances. Twt 18:37, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

This page should be as easy to find from the main website as the Help Manual and the Tutorial and Concepts Guide. I suggest adding a link to here from the top page for Documentation. I assume that most of these topics supplement those documents, and, in fact, they are candidates for inclusion in the next release of those documents.

Section 5 should be expanded to cover currencies, Securities and Commodities.

Then a subsection should be created for idiosyncracies of Finance::Quote. Then I would add a sub-subsection describing the currency quote patch, where to find it and how to install it in the three main types of OS.

eg., quoting John Ralls in the user mail list from earlier today regarding installing it into OSX:

The files you need to patch are in /Library/Perl/5.x/Finance/Quote/

The "x" in 5.x is a number which depends on which version of OSX you're running; 10 for Snow Leopard and 12 for Lion.

To apply the patch, use "patch"; run `man patch` in Terminal for detailed instructions.

-David C

Ah, sorry, I thought it was Chris Good's. I've reinstated it with different and I think more appropriate wording along with somewhat better use of wiki markup.