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I've been using GnuCash for about a week now. I'm just a regular dude with a wife and we're trying to get a better handle on our money. I've never used Quicken or anything other than Excel to manage my money so this is a fairly new idea to me. I'm using GnuCash 2.0.1. Off the bat I'd like to say that the program doesn't seem especially intuitive. It's taken me a few hours to get a handle on it. I imported in a month's worth of bank data and it was more complicated than necessary to make some sense of it. I was using the simple checkbook option, too. I don't understand why I can't just have expenses and income. I'd like to organize either into sub-categories to see how it all gets divied up. The main screen right now shows "Assets, Equity, Expenses, My Account, Income." Granted I'm not a math guy, but that's why I'm using this program, to help me out, right? But this is just confusing. Why do I need Assets, Equity, and My Account? Why not just Income and Expenses? If I try to delete these others it just messes things up. Oh yeah one thing that this program sorely needs is UNDO. Oh yeah and AUTO-BACKUP. And maybe some kind of RESTORE function. While trying to organize my stuff I kept making mistakes but not realizing it until several minutes later, and I had no idea where the error was. Also, why can't the tabs operate like in Firefox? It's a tried a true method and one that people are used to. Anyway, I'll keep messing with this, I just wanted to contribute a bit. Feel free to email me if anyone reads this. Thanks

Later in the day... Ok I guess the reason I was so confused is because of the double-entry thing. It makes sense. I'll take a closer look at it. Although perhaps this software isn't exactly targeted at someone like me. I just wanted something that I can use to keep better track of my home finances. I'm not looking for a full fledged accounting system here.

Sounds to me the "Tutorial and Concepts Guide" would be a good read for you, . If you have concrete suggestions for improvments we are very interested to hear about them. Otherwise I guess this discussion page in the wiki isn't a useful place to discuss it, so unless I hear otherwise, I'd delete this page in a few days again. --Cstim 05:11, 15 November 2006 (EST)

I would definitely like to see Undo/Redo, Auto-Save, and some kind of Backup/Restore. Also dealing with the tabs is pretty frustrating, making them work like FF would be great. (Sorry I don't know how to format this text properly)

This Talk page is not a good place for wishes, because we already have places to collect them and there's no point in starting yet more places for wishlists. Either add them to the article itself, WishList (tabs are already mentioned there), or enter Bugzilla items for them. I'll remove the text here in a few days; please move your relevant suggestions to either of the two other places until then. Thanks. --Cstim 09:45, 16 November 2006 (EST)

Justification for some edits

Just wanted to comment on my recent edits, since the log field is too small.

  1. Multiple commodities per account: As far as I can tell, this is exactly the point of being able to have subaccounts. I have multiple brokerage accounts, and they each have subaccounts for commodities and cash.
  2. Password lock on file: This would be reinventing the wheel, given GPG and other such tools.
  3. Selecting date in calendar popup: Doesn't seem appropriate for a wishlist. At worst, this is a minor bug, at best, a feature.
  4. GNU Cash to go: Installing on a flash drive is apparently already possible, and file-synchronizing features seem beyond the scope of the application.
  5. Transaction Entry Forms: The entry line for an account is easy to find: It's always at the bottom! There's already a dropdown for accounts. A completely new interface for entering transaction is redundant.
  6. Using keyboard and drop downs to enter multiple transactions on one form: I manage to do this every day without any trouble. I probably wouldn't use GnuCash if this weren't possible.
  7. Edit time frame for an already-generated report: It's one button-click away. If that's still unobvious or cumbersome, perhaps a bug should be filed.

Please feel free to revert selectively if any of these deletions seem heavy-handed. Cheers, HorsePunchKid 05:27, 2 June 2009 (UTC)