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Simple summary page to outline my gnucash involvement.

My main site

I work on the Query Object Framework (QOF), updating the internal gnucash code with the main QOF project and I have contributed some Mac OSX patches. My principle motivation involves data freedom - the ability to manipulate application data outside the application itself to provide data mining, customised reporting and data interchange with other programs.

I am currently working on synchronising gnucash with pilot-link and Familiar. pilot-qof is an experimental utility to query Palm data using QOF on the host PC and exchange that data with gnucash. pilot-qof is currently in Debian experimental as it depends on pilot-link 0.12 which is still in pre-release. gpe-expenses is another experimental utility that will take QOF onto the iPAQ and similar devices that can run Familiar so that QOF can be used natively in Familiar to provide data interchange and a common backend. QOF could also be used by other GPE applications like gpe-contacts, gpe-timesheet and gpe-todo, amongst others.

I also work on cashutil the gnucash command line interface with SQL-type queries.