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Curious as to what the best setup for something like this would be..

I have a client for which I do multiple jobs for each of their clients. The way i've currently set it up is as follows: My client is an actual client in GnuCash, but their clients are Jobs in GnuCash. So a particular job for a sub client is an invoice within that Sub-Clients Job. My main gripe with this setup is when I'm viewing the invoices for a particular Job (really a Sub-Client), the list only contains Num, Opened, Company Name, Posted, Paid, Type, Billing ID, Is there anyway to add a column to this view that would contain the notes field? Also I notice when i post an invoice I can enter a description. I've been using this to label the work for what it was since it appears on my customer report, Is there a way to enter that description sooner and see it in the interface(s) that let me select an invoice to view? --Drucci 13:36, 20 January 2007 (EST)