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This page deals with the translation of the windows installer. For the general part see Translation.


The Windows specific parts of GnuCash are in a separate repository.
git clone ${SOURCEDIR}


The translation of messages is split in two parts:

Inno setup standard messages
Gnucash custom messages

Custom Messages and Settings

All settings related to the language(s) in the installer are controlled through the file inno_setup/gnucash-mingw64.iss.

In particular, the following settings will have to be added:

  1. For the built-in messages of the Installer, search the section [Languages], add a line in the list
    Name: "en"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Default.isl"
    Name: "ca"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Languages\Catalan.isl"; InfoAfterFile: "@INST_DIR@\share\doc\@PACKAGE@\README-ca.win32-bin.txt"
    Name: "<ll>"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Languages\<Language>.isl"[; InfoAfterFile: "@INST_DIR@\share\doc\@PACKAGE@\README-<ll>.win32-bin.txt"]
    Name: "zh_TW"; MessagesFile: "@GC_WIN_REPOS_DIR@\inno_setup\ChineseTraditional-5.5.3.isl"; InfoAfterFile: "@INST_DIR@\share\doc\@PACKAGE@\README-zh_TW.win32-bin.txt"
    Only if you created gnucash/doc/README-<ll>.win32-bin.txt, add the part in the square brackets [...]. This "README" is shown as last screen of the installer. Its creation is explained in Translation#Check_doc/FREADME-*.
  2. For the gnucash-specific messages in the Installer, copy&paste all lines in the [CustomMessages] section
    ; *** "Select Components" wizard page
    FullInstall=Full installation
    CustomInstall=Custom installation
    CreateDesktopIcon=Create a &desktop icon
    CreateMenuLink=Create a start menu link
    RunPrg=Run GnuCash now
    AdditionalIcons=Create these icons:
    StatusMsgFirewall=Installing Windows firewall rules...
    ; *** "Another install" wizard page
    ; %1 in the following messages will be replaced with the application name and version, like "GnuCash 2.3.15"
    AIWP_Title=Another installation has been found
    AIWP_Description=%1 is currently installed on this computer
    AIWP_Message=This earlier installation has to be removed before continuing.%n%nIf you don't want that, click Cancel now to abort the current installation.%n%nClick Next to remove %1 and continue with the installation.%n%nNote: Only the program will be removed, not your financial data.
    MainFiles=GnuCash Program
    TranslFiles=Translation Files
    TemplFiles=Account Template Files
    IconComment_GnuCash=GnuCash Free Finance Manager
    IconName_README=Show GnuCash README
    IconComment_README=Show the README file
    IconName_FAQ=GnuCash FAQ (Online)
    IconName_Bugzilla=Report a GnuCash Bug (Online)
    IconName_InstallFQ=Install Online Price Retrieval for GnuCash
    IconComment_InstallFQ=Install the necessary perl module Finance-Quote for online retrieval of prices.  Requires ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl 5.8 or later
    IconName_Theme=Select GnuCash Theme
    IconName_Uninstall=Uninstall GnuCash
    IconComment_Uninstall=Uninstall the Finance Manager GnuCash
    similar to the other languages. For each custom message you will have to prefix the line with your language code and add your translation <ll>.<MessageName>=<Translated Message> there:
    ;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ;; Catalan translation
    ca.FullInstall=Instal·lació completa
  3. One line has to be added for the CodePage paragraph, like so:
    ;; List of Code pages, used in gnucash.cmd
We prefer now LanguageCodePage=0 for UTF-8.

Inno Setup Standard Messages

After a file appears in the official translations of the current Inno Setup version, you can remove it from GnuCash again.