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Bugzilla is a repository of bugs and enhancement requests maintained by the Gnome Project and used by the GnuCash project.

Other Resources

  • Also, uservoice.com is an interesting forum for discussion of new feature requests (but not bug reports).
  • If Finance::Quote is not working correctly - you can test it by using the gnc-fq-* command line tools - use their Request Tracker at the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Using Bugzilla

There is a specific GnuCash "Product" page which inter alia allows you to specifically search for GnuCash bugs. E.g. can you there click number right of the interesting component and will get the list of the open bugs.


At first you should check for existing reports of the same problem or improvement suggestion. It may be still open or already closed after the date of your release.

Example links into GnuCash's bugzilla section:

Entering of or commenting on bugs

You might probably read the FAQ section about bug reporting before you continue ...
Also bugzillas help has useful parts.
If you refer to other bugs in your text, we suggest to use the form bug nnnnnn - Title. Bugzilla will then add a link and the reader saves time if the title can be read without following the link.

Do not copy and paste log files. Instead append them as:


If a program crash or freeze only happens on a specific file like

  • data file
  • import file
  • (modified) report

it can be useful to attach a copy of that file to your bug report, but:

  • It is easier, if you attach your XML data file uncompressed. Before you save your file, uncheck Edit->Preferences->General->Files->Compress Files. It can then already be seen in the web interface.
  • If the file contains confidential data do not forget to anonymize your data e.g. with the ObfuscateScript.
  • If the file is really big, try to create a minimal example.

When uploading adjust the mime type of your file:

  • Uncompressed gnucash data files are of type text/xml,
  • most import files and log files are of type text/plain.


If a developer asked you for some information or one of the files above and you attached them, do not forget, to reset the bug status from needinfo to unconfirmed again.

Bug Triage

For people, which like to help us e.g. on bug triage, are some additional informations in QA/BugzillaAdministration.