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==Microsoft Windows==
==Microsoft Windows==
Repos, filenames and versions are stored in [https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/gnucash.modules gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/gnucash.modules].

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GnuCash provides the following binary releases. When feasible and after testing, they can be updated to provide the new version. While the canonical repositories are on code, those are accessible only to the core team so the links are to the Github mirrors.

Keep in mind that these binary distributions are for ordinary users. As a general rule only stable release dependencies should be used for these packages. Exceptions may be made when an unstable release fixes a serious bug, but that should be discussed at length by the core team.

For developers with push privileges, unless you're able to

  • test the new dependency version yourself,
  • the upgrade is stable, and
  • you're certain that there won't be a negative impact on users

create a pull request on Github so that others in the core team can test the change.

Linux Flatpak


URLs and SHAs are stored in gnucash-on-flatpak/templates/org.gnucash.GnuCash.json.tpl.

Apple MacOS


Microsoft Windows


Repos, filenames and versions are stored in gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/gnucash.modules.