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MacOS is an operating system developed by Apple Computer for Mac computers. It has been known variously over the years as "Mac OS X," "OS X," and the current "macOS." When discussing the system in general, "macOS" will be used; for references to specific versions of macOS, the form in use for that version will be used whenever possible.

How to get GnuCash for macOS

macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" or higher
Gnucash-Intel-5.1 is now available as binary downloads from the Gnucash project at Sourceforge.
Alternatives and older versions
Release notes
are included in the disk-image.

For virtually all users it is more appropriate to download the binary rather than to use the procedure described here.

More instructions at MacOS Installation.

MacOS-specific instructions and tips for using GnuCash

Developing macOS versions of GnuCash