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The purpose of this page is

  1. to unify the appearance of the GnuCash wiki.
    See also
    Wiki Tips
  2. develope a style, which can be easily converted to DocBook, to move sections into the official documenation.
    DocBook: The Definitive Guide
    See also
    Docbook Conventions


2-letter categories are reserved:

  • Uppercase: ISO region codes like DE (Germany), NO (Norway), ... contain region specific items like setup of tax tables.
  • Capitalized: ISO language codes like De page in "german|deutsch" - also readers from AT, CH, ... can use it.
  • in theory this should be lowercase, but wikimedia does not accept that.
  • at some point in time we might move them in subdomains.


In commands use the following Syntax:

  • <replacable text> like variables for username, path, filename
alternative in shell scripts:
# Set MYPATH=<where you want to go>
cd "$MYPATH"
  • [optional text] like optional parameters e.g. gnc-fq-dump [-v] <source> <symbol>...
  • alternatives {on|off}
  • Repetition ...

New Pages

  1. Insert as first line at least one Category: [[Category:Foo]]
    The current category list
    Older pages have then often at the bottom of either the abstract or the page. If you see that, move them to the header.
  2. optional the box of links to translations.
  3. Continue with usually one sentence abstract. Explain the
    context including links of important related pages,
    specific terms, and
    the planed coverage of the page.
  4. Finally the first section header starts the text body.


Use our Templates where ever possible. This will help to maintain changes of servers, protocoll etc.

Optional Components


Templates can contain comments explaining their meaning and purpose:

Template Content Result
42<noinclude>The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything</noinclude>


Some templates use parameters like

Template Name Template Content
{{URL:FP}} https://{{{1|}}}
{{URL:SF}} https://{{{1|}}}
{{URL:wp}} https://{{{1|en}}}

Note that for all mentioned a default value is set. The empty string at FP and SF, but the english server at WP. While most things at FP and SF are on their default server, a few are on dedicated servers like our MSYS2 build of gdb. Or you want to link a german WP article:

Source Result


Currently there are several groups of templates:

syntaxhighlighted shell or console snippets
used at several places like english and german version of a page. English comments inside are OK, other language specific parts should stay outside. The template name should end in the type sh or con.
recent or required versions of GnuCash and related software (Aqbanking, F::Q, …) like
Gnucash *Series/*Version/*Package
URLs of our and related servers.

Linking GnuCash Servers and List Archives

Host Overview

Currently there a 2 real hosts and several aliases:

Real Host Template URL Role {{URL:www}} holding the website and the published documentation has serveral aliases:
{{URL:Build}} authorative Git repository,

build server of the nightlies (program, source docs, documentation)

{{URL:Bugs}} Bugzilla
{{URL:Lists}} Mailing Lists,

IRC logs

{{SERVER}} this wiki.
This is no template, but a variable which can be used in external links, but normally you will use internal links.
See also Help:Variables .

Please use the respective template in your links.

Linking Source Files

By default link the stable branch stable. Only if you are referencing a future feature link future.


Linking Mails

Sometimes you wish to link a mail. Please use our own archives at in the form of {{URL:Lists}} instead of any mirror service.

There are several links to empty pages because Gmane lost many pages when it moved in 2016.

Keyboard Sortcuts

Type You Type You Get
Simultaneous (i.e. for change app) <kbd>Alt</kbd>+<kbd>Tab</kbd> Alt+Tab
Sequential (i.e. for File->Import) <kbd>Alt</kbd>+<kbd>F</kbd>-<kbd>I</kbd> Alt+F-I
Wrong use, replace it please <code>Alt</code>+<code>Tab</code> Alt+Tab


Use subsections for versioning and OS specifics.

Updating and Versioning

While updating do not remove sections, which might for other users still relevant. Instead create subsections. Depending on the level and complexity it might be

Type You Type You Get
====Feature X====
General text about Feature X.
=====Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer=====
We use fee.
=====Gnucash 2.6.20 and before=====
We use foo.

Feature X

General text about Feature X.

Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer

We use fee.

Gnucash 2.6.20 and before

We use foo.

Bullet list
General text about Feature X.
* Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer:
:We use fee
* Gnucash 2.4.0 to 2.6.20:
:We use fie
:... and have a 2. paragraph
* Gnucash 2.3.1 and before:
:We use foo.

General text about Feature X.

  • Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer:
We use fee
  • Gnucash 2.4.0 to 2.6.20:
We use fie
... and have a 2. paragraph
  • Gnucash 2.3.1 and before:
We use foo
Definition list
General text about Feature X.
;Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer: We use fee
;Gnucash 2.4.0 to 2.6.20: We use fie
:... and have a 2. paragraph
;Gnucash 2.3.1 and before: We use foo
General text about Feature X.
Gnucash 2.7.0 and newer
We use fee
Gnucash 2.4.0 to 2.6.20
We use fie
... and have a 2. paragraph
Gnucash 2.3.1 and before
We use foo
Put newer versions before older versions because in the future they will become more important.

OS Specifics

It is almost the same:

You Type You Get
General text and [ standards] like from [].
;Linux: fee
;{{Mac}}: fie
:;NT and newer: foo
:;XP and before: xyzzy
General text and standards like from
NT and newer
XP and before

This order of OSes is both: historical and alphabetical.

Use the {{Mac}} template because Apple is changing its writing almost every season.