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As we are managing an IRC channel, here is some background, including a few operator commands: Commands to the server start with /.


Usually at code.gnucash.org gncbot, currently a supybot, is running. He should manage the channel. There a 2 ways to contact him:

  1. In the gnucash channel precede commands by @. They are visible to other users.
  2. Open a query and enter commands there.

If you are in the operator group, he should grant you operator rights after identifying.

If gncbot got disconnected, sombody has to grant him the rights again:

/op gncbot to op the gncbot. @op gncbot returns an error.

If gncbot got a wrong name like gncbot', rename him by @nick gncbot.

Freenode redirect

User:Jsled created in 2010 irc.freenode.net/gnucash with /topic „The real #gnucash is irc://irc.gnome.org/gnucash ; GnuCash - GPL Personal Finance and Small Business Management“.