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This page contains a collection of reminders for contributors of the GnuCash Project.

Wiki Editors
should have read:
Wiki Conventions - about the appearance of the GnuCash wiki,
Wiki Tips - Tips to edit and maintain this wiki,
Wiki Localization - Conventions and tips for localized wiki pages.

Wiki Administration - Administrative Tasks of the wiki.

Operating IRC - Operator commands etc. on IRC

Bugzilla Administration - Managing GnuCash bugs in bugzilla ...

Website Maintenance - Sometimes something should be improved on our website ...

Release related
Release Schedule - The time table
Release Process - Each GnuCash release involves a number of steps for the release manager ...
Documentation Release Process - The same for the documentation.
Fix Release Notes - Sometimes errors happen ...

Dependency Updates - If updated versions of our dependencies get released ...

I18N & L10N
Language Administration - Adding, moving, updating languages;
Weblate - Commiting PRs with po file updates and maintaing;
Currency Maintenance - Sometimes regions change their currency, go out of business, join, split ...

Documentation Components - An overview of the components used in the documentation.

Gitolite - Notes related to maintainance of our git repositories in gitolite.

Server Maintenance - Notes for the Server Maintainer

Legal stuff
EU General Data Protection Regulation - Which impact does it have for
Charter - In 2011 cstim started the draft of a charter for a GnuCash Foundation.