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Several users published their tools to work with GnuCash. Here is a reference list:


  • The GnuCash team is in no way responsible for the tools linked here.
  • In particular the access to your Gnucash database should only take place by the GnuCash Engine in the library The interface is described here in the developer documentation.

Ask the publisher, if they use it or if your data are endangered.


  • Different SourceForge projects in conjunction to GnuCash.
  • Different GitHub projects in conjunction to GnuCash.
  • jgnucashlib Java access on GnuCash XML files by M. Wolschon
Comment by C. Stimming about it.
  • jPortfolioView - Announcement
  • Lars Eggert offers e.g. Lufthansa Miles&More-Import, updated F::Q-Modul
  • Bayes A PERL script to prune the import map of Bayes to get rid of obsolete or unwanted accounts and to remove insignificant entries.
  • BackupGnuCash - Easily create offsite encrypted backups of GnuCash data files by Chris Good. Java, GNU/Linux and Windows.
  • IngAusOfxFix - Fix problems with OFX files from ING before importing into GnuCash by Chris Good. Java, GNU/Linux and Windows.
  • GnuCash-Reporting - Report charts for your GnuCash data. Simple question based UI. Reads from SQL. Java, JavaFX, Linux and Windows.

Spreadsheet to GnuCash (XLSX, CSV to QIF) tools:

  • OneClickToQif - a set of templates and macros, which are used to export data from your spreadsheets to QIF format, as used by GnuCash. You can use the templates as provided, or adapt your own spreadsheet, so your data is automatically exported to QIF with a single click
  • XLSM2QIF XLSM2QIF-Link2 is a application for make conversions between 64-bit Excel spreadsheets and Quicken QIF data and GnuCash Android QIF data and GnuCash Desktop QIF and XML data.
  • csv2iif suite, offers perl programs to download PayPal business account transactions via the PayPal API and convert the transactions into IIF, OFX or QIF files. For GnuCash you can use the program from their software suite.

Python based (As of 2015 our MacOSX and Windows builds are without Python):

  • PieCash a simple and pythonic interface to GnuCash files stored in SQL
  • BankCSVtoQif converts csv from banks to qif and automatically replaces descriptions and accounts of transactions according to predefined customizable rules along the way.
  • vikingcsv2qif converts csv from Mobile Vikings to qif with customizable accounts and category

Export invoices:

  • gc2latex - Gnucash invoices with LaTeX and Perl

Modified Invoice forms:

Mobile Apps

There is a separate page for GnuCash and Mobile Devices


Some translations use scripts which are missing in most popular fonts. So here is a list:

Meithei (Manipuri) can be written either in Meitei Mayek or Bengali. While Bengali is in many fonts, Meitei Mayek has been forbiddden over a century and is very rare: GPL2+ Page with download link and mapping