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For opensuse it would be the metapackage (marked by prefix patterns-) patterns-devel-C-C++-devel_C_C++, which depends on patterns-devel-base-devel_basis, which contains autotools, gcc, ...

zypper in[stall] patterns-devel-C-C++-devel_C_C++

should do it, but perhaps the easiest might be to run

zypper {source-install|si} gnucash

This should install all build requirements of the version in their repo. I assume only ninja has then to be installed separatly. So I would make this the first choice in the build instructions.

Opensuse uses like RedHat, Fedora, ... the RPM packet format. So for all the basic CLI (like apt for debs) is rpm. The advanced CLI (like apt-get for debs) for opensuse and probably others is zypper, while Fedora recently switched to dnf.

User:DaveC49, feel free to incorporate this in your text.

--Fell (talk) 23:08, 3 October 2018 (UTC)