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This is the userpage of Doncram on the GnuCash wiki. I began editing here in May 2017, with just a few edits.

In 2020, I would like this wiki to host _essays_ to be written by and for the GnuCash community, and I would like to write essays on several aspects of GnuCash development. One essay may be about topic of "envelope budgeting", which has been discussed recently in the GnuCash-user email list. "Envelope method" has apparently been a recurring topic of interest, and some have advocated for implementation of changes into GnuCash code to support its use.

An essay expresses the opinions of one or more GnuCash community members, and is to marked clearly as not representing the whole community or being official in any way. Essays may be constructive in several ways. See new About Essays for discussion.

I think essays have not been used within this community, or at least not recently, so for this to work there needs to be some consensus that essays can be included in this wiki, and probably some guidelines to ensure they are constructive.

Hopefully it will work to begin by asserting some starter guidelines at About Essays and to develop a first substantive opinion piece on the topic of Envelope Budgeting for GnuCash.

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