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Available Documentation

Documentation for Users

Primary Instructional Documents

GnuCash offers two primary instructional documents:

  • Manual - the reference for details of operating specific GnuCash menus, dialogs, and windows
  • Guide - a concise introduction to double-entry accounting and tutorials on using GnuCash to perform a variety of accounting tasks. It is highly recommended that new users read at least the Getting Started section of the Guide.

These documents are accessible via the Help menu in the program, probably requiring Linux users to install an additional package called something like gnucash-docs using their package manager, or from the Documentation page on the website which also links the following versions:

  • Translations are available in German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese, and the Guide is also available in simplified Chinese. The translations are not always recent and sometimes incomplete, but easier to understand from non-English users.
  • Other Formats consist of PDF, ePub, and mobi, or read html documents online
  • Nightly Builds contain the work in progress from the git repository for the stable branch

GnuCash wiki

This wiki includes extensive information regarding all aspects of GnuCash, contributed by the developers and users of GnuCash. Information in the wiki covers a broad variety of topics, and includes detailed technical information, as well as information that applies to specific use cases. Of particular interest on the wiki are:

  • The GnuCash FAQ, which contains a collection of frequently asked questions about GnuCash, including administration, accounting, and glossary questions
  • Using GnuCash, which collects real life experiences using GnuCash. You may find (user) solutions here that are not covered by the documentation.

Third Party Documentation

Third Party Documentation in Several Languages can be found in Documentation.