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The wiki localization differs from other, mostly gettext based translation, in several ways. In many cases translation makes not much sense, but areplacement adapted to your region is required.

Wiki Configuration

The Gnucash Wiki uses like Wikipedia the Mediakiki software, but is often a few versions behind. Currently we have a single wiki for all languages.

But there exist ideas to make it multilingual e.g. as farm with <ll>, That means the server administrator needs time to install and configure it. Then it is up to us, to move our content in the right domain, fix links, …

Current requirements

To distinguish pages in other languages than English, we use 2 methods simultan:

  1. Prefix your pagename by <Ll>/<pagename>, where <Ll> is the 2-letter ISO code of your language.
  2. Add a [[Category:<Ll>|<Pagename>]] to the preferable header of your page. Older pages have it at the bottom.
  • Use the same technic for pages with region specific content. Example:
[[Category:GB|Foo]]Foo applicable in the UK of GB … as page GB/Foo.

This way they are easy to find.

RTL writing
Wrap the page in a <div lang="he" dir="rtl" class="mw-content-rtl" …> … <div>.
Bundle the category and starting div tag in a template.

Pages to Localize

Obvisious the starting page GnuCash should get translated first. An admin will then add it to the Language box.

For the rest we can offer only some heuristical ruled:

No translation
is required for pages about Project Administration and mostly Development. Participating persons should be able to read and write in English.
Some components are region specific:
Online Banking Protocols
The banks of each country support seldom more than one protocol. A page about the package AqBanking would be useful, if at least one module is supported in your country and the pages of the supported modules only. The currently supported modules are:
De/Paypal einrichten
EBICS, seems to be partial similar like FinTS, would make sense to write in or translate to: de, fr, it
FinTS with submodules HBCI and PIN/TAN
OFX DirectConnect, but not OFX WebConnect. Makes sense in en and perhaps es and other minority languages.
Tax declaration formats
Currently known in GnuCash are:
Translation priority