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GnuCash runs under Windows, MacOS, and many flavors of Linux/Unix. Installation is generally quite easy; instructions specific to different supported operating systems are given below.

If you need to use a version of GnuCash more up to date than the version available from your operating system or distribution's repositories and software sources, you can build GnuCash from source code. Links to instructions for building from the sources are provided on the appropriate OS/distribution installation pages. If specific instructions are not yet available for your system, you may consider adapting available instructions from a similar OS/distribution.


You can check for distributions which include

the recent,
an almost recent or also
older versions of GnuCash.

Notes on specific distributions:

Distribution agnostic recent stable versions of GnuCash can now be installed, too:


Download the binary installer package from See Microsoft Windows for more information.


Download the binary package from Once you have downloaded the disk image, double click to open it, and then drag the app icon into your Applications folder (or anywhere else on your system that you choose). If you plan to use online features, drag the "Install Online Quotes" icon as well. Once you have copied them to your system, you can close the disk image. To run Gnucash, double click the icon on your system.

Other Operating Systems