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If you are having trouble, you should first consult

to see whether your issue is addressed there.

In addition, this wiki includes extensive guidance. Of particular interest are

  • The GnuCash FAQ, which contains a collection of frequently asked questions about GnuCash, including administration, accounting, and glossary questions.
  • Using GnuCash, which collects real life experiences using GnuCash. You may find (user) solutions here that are not covered by the documentation.
  • You can also browse Categories or use the Search field at the end of the tab line.

If you still need assistance that the documentation can't address or if you want to give some feedback or make suggestions, see below for several ways to contact us.

Current discussions

Mailing Lists

Most users will probably contact the GnuCash user community through the appropriate language user mailing list (gnucash-user, gnucash-de, gnucash-nl, gnucash-it, gnucash-es, gnucash-fr, gnucash-br). Additional information can be found at Mailing Lists.

IRC Chat

Some users may wish to use IRC chat, usually in english, as the quickest way to get answers.

External support pages

These external support sites have subsections related to GnuCash. They are not maintained by the GnuCash team, so there is no guarantee on the correctness of the information you will find here.

  • Stack Exchange includes a forum on money with "gnucash" tagged questions.

Feature requests and bug tracking

  • Bugzilla: GnuCash's bug database for error reports and enhancement requests.
  • Uservoice Forum: For more general feature requests.

In addition, there is an old WishList on this wiki that users can consult. While this list is not maintained or monitored, users can see some of the things that have been requested in the past.

Third party tools

Several users have published tools to work with GnuCash.